Aurelion sol rework is so bad

They made him into a bad cluknky burst mage. There is no more point in building him unique and tanky since now you should just go 40 cdr full penetration ap. So they took away him unique build path away. Now you cant silence/Cc his W but basicly he CC's himself every 3 seconds with his W and he is super easy to trade with now and super easy to kite. SInce you have to try to engage with your Q in the trade and todays champs are so mobile every champ has a instant movement spell and if you dodge his Q he cant open up with W and you just have to kite his W for 3 secs and your free to go on him. Removing the speed on his E i did not like since it was very unique to him. I mean you put everything you could into qyiana(put taliyah passive into her W and made it way better lol) and you killed sol. His lane matchups got worse. He is even more clunky to play,you made him into a bad burst mage without any unique aspect to him. I hate the mini rework every part of it. Only thing that got better is its easier to evade ganks with W move speed. But you destroyed one of the most unique and rewarding champions to master to a bad and clunky burst/combo mage. You even took away his roam power. Utter trash rework of an already underplayed and over nerfed champion.Great damn job riot.
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