@Riot Games - Nerfing Karma Without Working on Karma. 5 1/2 Years Now.

Karma's relaunch in 2013, on a thematic and art level, missed the mark. Karma's balance and work the past 5 years have been identity ruining. Now we are left with a champion receiving even more nerfs on a kit and character that missed the mark completely. The answer is to just nerf Karma into the ground instead of you know . . . . doing any work on her to make Karma great again. Yes, the shield changes are warranted. At the same time though, why has this champion received zero work the past 5 1/2 years? Ahri, Lux and Ryze is the answer. 1) Poorly worked on art, thematic and identity. 2) An identity crisis that was ruined because of half worked on and Developers that didn't care about her mains. 3) Itemization and gameplay revolving around a specific type of gamepaly and spamming on ability in the back line. ---------- Karma technically dosn't meet any of your standards of a successful champion, Riot. The only thing she had going for her was the balance. Now Karma is underpowered and weak. There is nothing on this champion that doesn't deserve a VGU. She's worse than the older champions now.
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