What if we took Nasus' Ult Q CDR and put it on his E instead?

> "Using Siphoning Strike on units afflicted by Spirit Fire refunds 50% of Siphoning Strike's cooldown." Suddenly, it has a clear window of power and counterplay. It's a buff to pre-6 extended trading, sure, but you can counterplay it by like, not standing in E. --- *Edit: Just clarifying, this has nothing to do with his winrate. I'm not suggesting a nerf or buff but rather the whole purpose of this suggestion can be summed up in the question: Does this make Nasus a healthier champion?* --- Edit2: ^ Please read this. Alot of "Klepto is what makes him strong" posts. This is obviously a straight nerf no matter how you look at it and fully expect it to be paired with some sort of buff. Possibly E leaving a lingering 3 second debuff after you leave the zone that allows you to still proc the Q CDR refund on them.

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