Please don't release ranked borders for this season

Edit: whoa almost 500 votes! Thanks for your opinions guys, I enjoyed reading. People have strong views!! This season has been an absolute mockery and perversion of the ranked system. Some would say this is the worst season of League ever. Ranks don't mean jack shit at the moment, as people are just getting boosted for free, while solos have to work twice as hard for half the LP. Awarding these boosted players high elo borders is a huge slap in the face for all the legit players this season. Silver players last season are diamond this season. Is it fair to reward them with a diamond border??? It will just go to their head and they will think wow I'm diamond ranked I must be great ! No dude you suck but your friends are decent. EDIT: A lot of good COUNTER POINTS MADE: 1. You can only queue with people in your tier (ie no diamond with bronze) 2. Many hard working solo Q players this season. Respect for climbing and improving yourself. Maybe only solo q players should get borders? 3. Show the 'Mark of Shame' on the badges. Ie gold border with group badge, vs solo q gold? I'll add any other good suggestions. I vote we nullify this season because of how much Riot fuxked up the meaning and value of ranks. There's no point awarding borders to players that are getting boosted. They don't deserve it. What do you guys think of ranked this season? I feel like earning high elo borders used to be a rare achievement in previous seasons and the borders were a source of pride. However this season it's almost insulting to legit players if you give these boosted animals high ranked borders. (On Another Note, should borders even be season rewards? I think your border should match your CURRENT RANK. Not your best rank. They should update _dynamically _ to accurately reflect your CURRENT skill level, not your how high your mmr got 6 months ago) **What do you guys think? Are you proud of your rank this season ?**
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