All Runes with cooldowns should have visible timers.

I know Manaflow Band has a 60 second timer before it's back up, but it'd be *really* nice to know just how long I have before it's up again if I want to fully abuse it and use my skills with it effectively (for example I'd much rather use Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage with it than Mystic Shot). Grasp of the Undying has something pop up in the buff bar so I know for sure that I've officially been in combat for 4 seconds. Predator goes on boots and therefore it has a cooldown timer in your inventory like any other active item. Fleet Footwork's Energized icon is persistent. Aery's "cooldown timer" is just the length of time it takes her to float back to you. Basically most cooldowns or timers are represented in a clear and visible way when engaged or combat or persistently visible. I could go on about everything, but that'd take a year. I just think that certain things, like Manaflow Band's timer, should have something in the buff bar signifying when it'll be back up. I haven't tested it with Scorch yet, but if it's similar in that it doesn't show some form of cooldown, it'd make *so* much sense to just tell us when things will be up and ready to go. If for some reason a few of the cooldowns are represented when I press C and check the runes panel in-game (pretty sure Manaflow Band isn't), that would just seem counter intuitive, especially when my cursor shouldn't have to be hovering around down there constantly.

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