My thoughts on Yuumi

I know that so many people have shared their thoughts on Yuumi, but I wanted to share mine, and what I think is the problem with her. So I'm gonna go over how I think each of her abilities (and passive) could be improved upon. **Passive**: I think that having the squishiest character in the game be required to go well in range of most adc's and supports to get a shield is very frustrating, safely getting a shield is far harder than it should be. What I think could fix is having it so the passive basic attack has 50 additional range. This means that Yuumi would have 550 range for this attack, putting on even ground with other adc's. Even then it's still risky however it is fair because most adc's have an attack range of 550. **Q**: This is actually in a really good spot. Only improvement I can see is making it deal 50% damage to enemies that are very close by (say 50-75 units away). **W**: By itself this is in a good spot **E **: My problem with this is that in order for it to be an effective heal it needs to be 1)affecting an ally that is about to die 2) paired with {{item:3174}}. What would greatly improve this ability is changing the minimum heal ap scaling from 10% to 15%. This would bump up the overall power of the ability which is what this ability needs **R**: I have only one problem. This ability might as well heal enemies, it does NO damage whatsoever. The cc from this ability is perfectly fine however the damage is problematic. What I think should be done is increase the damage of each subsequent wave from 50% to 60% OR change the base scaling from 20% to 25%. That's all I really gotta say. Please let me know what you think should be done to Yuumi!

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