Suggestion: Pinging your number of Wards

Riot keeps adding a ton of things and details to ping in chat, which I think is great. But there's one thing that's pretty crucial imo and missing: How many wards have you placed. Being able to ping that number can help you communicate that you can't place wards anymore, which can suggest to your allies to place their wards (something VERY important to league). The thing you would have to ping is a bit of UI that reads "0/3 Stealth Wards" and "0/1 Control Wards", as an example. It could also have icons instead of the text. I think that should be just on the bottom right of the UI that has the items, to the left of the settings/league voice/locked camera buttons, but attached to the Items UI. Another place for it could be somewhere on the Tab UI, so that that text doesn't take up screen space (although imo, it would be so tiny that it wouldn't be a problem). Another place you could put this info is simply when pinging the trinket. It would show the number of placed stealth and control wards in addition to the cooldown/charges of the trinket. Imo though, that's too much information for one ping. Thoughts? Additional suggestions?
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