Question about playing Rek'sai

Just thought I'd ask around Rek'sai mains for some advice on how to play her. I've played a couple of game with her in the jungle and I've been having some trouble getting kills. I always feel like I come out of the ground really strong with the knock up and popping my Q, but then I feel like my damage subsides and I usually get out dueled with my opponent walking away with 1/4 of their life. And I've been having trouble figuring out what's the best way to build her. Do I go glass canon and try to be bursty? Or do I first build tanky and try to grind my way in fights? I just feel like the cooldown on her E is really long and it takes a long ass time to build that max fury to take advantage of the true damage bonus. The last game I played with her I went {{item:1400}} and {{item:3074}} but couldn't outtrade their rengar and riven. I really like her mechanics and would love to get better with her. Any advice is appreciated.
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