Do not go through with this caitlyn buff, WHY ARE WE GOING BACKWARD AGAIN

Caitlyn [Changelist] Base AD increased from 58 to 60 Stop Riot, why do you want to ruin the effort of 2 years of work that took to put caitlyn's early game in a right place? Buffing her base ad is a no no no, you can't just act like memory never existed jesus christ. Caitlyn from her release in 2011 even before the rework always had this early game versus late game problem where she bullied you and still scaled into late game (maybe not as much as other adcs, but scaled harder than most melees with the old 50% armor pen on headshot). You can't just forget what's a Caitlyn that has decent base stats. Remember caitlyn before base ad nerf? Remember caitlyn when she had a decent base hp? I fucking do It was awful to fight this champion does not deserve to win 2v2 trade when she has 650 base range in lane. This buff is terrbile in fact, **how about you nerf kai'sa and ezreal before buffing caitlyn**? Ezreal got buffed so hard with muramana 10 ad, and kai'sa has been dominating botlane for a while and rageblade nerf did nothing because you buffed the early double pen. Caitlyn doesn't need anything, the champ is literally in the best place she ever was and you want to buff her because kai'sa and ezreal can 1v5 **while she requieres set up.** it's crazy shit, just saying it's crazy shit.

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