Stop acting like every champion will suddenly start the game with Sated Devourer

If you normally go cinderhulk, you aren't just magically getting sated devourer as well. If you normally go warrior, you still aren't magically getting sated devourer. **Stop acting like champions like Shen or Rengar will be stronger because they have an on-hit effect.** Yeah, there will be some strong cases. But people are acting like everyone with an on-hit effect is being buffed. Many of them need the AD and CDR of warrior. Many of them need the tankiness of Cinderhulk. Before you say this item is too strong, consider that they're choosing to buy no AD and no tankiness just to get attack speed and on-hit damage...until Sated turns on. But then it starts falling off compared to crit builds late-game anyway. It's a strong item but you sacrifice a lot early and late game to buy it. You wouldn't say, "OMG Cinderhulk is gonna make master yi broken with all that health!!" Because 99% of the time, he absolutely would not buy it. So stop saying things like, "OMG new Devourer is gonna make X-Tank (who only ever builds Cinderhulk) broken with all those free on-hit effects!!" Just my 2 cents.
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