Petition for AURFrelion Sol's passive to orbit twice as fast It doesn't seem fair that when every other caster gets to spam spells 5 times faster, ASol's passive still boops at the regular booping speed. EDIT: Yes, I know that ASol gradually gets up to 5 stars as he levels up, but that's only a 66% increase to the rate his stars deal damage, and only when he reaches a higher level. Compare that to other champions who IMMEDIATELY get a 400% increase to how often they can hit people with spells and ASol's regular speed stars look slower than ever. Now imagine that ASol got double booping speed right away at level one. His stars orbitting twice as fast just SCREAMS "Ultra Rapid" and would look really badass in-game. Then as ASol levels up, he gets four, then FIVE Ultra Rapid orbitting stars, adding up to a final 233% increase to booping speed, and look _mind-numbingly fast_ and _super intimidating_.
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