In order for this game to be balanced true damage/executes need to be removed/reworked

These 2 mechanics as a whole completely warp the game and champions turning it into an impossible to balance mess. Things like {{champion:555}} A scaling, true damage, resetable, aoe, execute. Let that sink in. Yea, Riot was massively r%%%%%ed on that one. {{champion:122}} Yet another true damage, resetable, scaling execute. Luckily it isn't AoE. Yes, I know he has to stack it but does that really matter when you're playing an immobile melee champion? No. That's why Darius is such a strong pick. I have never seen a meta where he wasn't strong. True damage never falls off especially on an execute that scales and resets. {{champion:114}} %max hp true damage that heals herself. Why couldn't this just be bonus damage or just plain true damage like old Irelia had? Why did it have to be % MAX HP true damage? This is just stupid {{champion:86}} and {{champion:103}} (unpopular opinion) are the only two who use true damage and/or executes perfectly fine. If you're the villain then let your team handle him or kite him. For Ahri just dodge the 2nd part of her Q (I'm honestly not even sure if she has true dmage on her Q anymore I dont play her ever) NONE of these champions mentioned are low tier picks throughout every elo. They're insanely strong picks because of a simple mechanic that has no business being the way it is. Old Irelia's true damage which was at most like what? 35? was the best form of true damage this game has seen. What you see is what you get, it didn't scale up to over 1k it stayed below triple digits because True Damage is a disgustingly op damage type, with executes being no better
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