You know the problem with your ranked system? It’s too damn complicated.

You’ve got exceptions galore for different ranks, basically making it easy to acquire plat. There’s no decay in gold/below; you can’t duo with someone who is below plat1 as a diamond player; in gold you get free wins in your next promo series up to g3 if you fail them. Division promos are stupid, you have 3 of those plus a tier promos. Then you get in masters+ and it gets even sillier. It’s just at a point where I’m like..ok, I understand but it’s just doing too much now. Let just simplify it: - Remove LP system and division promos •Keep ranked tier promo series but reduce it to best of 3. This keeps the safety net in place so people won’t have anxiety about dropping out of their tier because of one game. - Use ELO again • change the elo scores to multiples of 100 (so numbers like 10, 15, 20, 25, etc) that make sense so people don’t end up with nonsensical elo scores toward the top. Instead of MMR, give people a strength of ELO index. If you’re losing a bunch in a row and your elo is weak, you’ll earn the lower end of the elo points (10, 15, etc) and if you’re doing well, you’ll earn on the high end. • each elo range requires 300 elo to qualify for a new tier, best of 3 series. • with strength if elo, if you win more then you will also lose very little. In fact, I think you should offer some sort of protection game where even if you lose, you’ll not lose elo. You can earn this for reaching certain elo thresholds: So let’s say for every 50 elo you gain, you get a free loss. If you’re below 50 elo you don’t get it. And that’s when you have a week to use it before it expires. So let’s address pros and cons: Pros: this makes the climb more transparent. You don’t have to wonder what you’re elo range actually is. Makes it harder for bottom tier players to afk for the season. Makes it harder to climb so that people can’t just grind their way to a rank they don’t deserve by virtue of playing thousands of games a season Simpler system Cons: climbing is harder System is simpler but less forgiving Im sure there’s more but I’ll let others chime in.
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