Promotion series should be removed between individual ranks

Keep 5 game promos for division series (eg g5>p1) only. Promotion series... **Create incentive for trolling/not trying** - "I just got promoted idc if we lose" **Work against you climbing** - if I lose a game at 2 lp I should be demoted, if i win at 97 lp i should be promoted - cant dodge - cant go above 100lp in promos (win, loss, loss puts me at ~60lp but loss, win, loss puts me at ~80lp?) **Are fundamentally frustrating ** - feels like games aren't balanced well/balanced against you - getting demoted is frustrating because it requires 4 straight wins to get back to where you were (why do I get placed on 75lp?) - getting promoted is relieving more than it feels rewarding Promote people based on their lp. If I win a game at 90 lp, promote me after the game and put me on 10 lp in my new rank.
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