Unpopular opinion- Keep Twisted Treeline

I really think that riot should keep Twisted Treeline I know that I has problems but why not just get rid of the "BE" bots instead of getting rid of an entire map and game mode? Yes I'm aware they're trying to focus on summoner's Rift and team fight tactics now but the fact of the matter is right now we have three maps and at one point we were promised two more and never got them we had four at one point and they took it out Crystal scar. Now yes this game modes were less played then summoner's Rift obviously but they were also fun and gave us the choice of a different map when we got bored with Rift and yes I'm aware of the changes coming up as well to make it newer but it's basically going to be the same map but just random elemental chaos. Just bothers me to think that instead of fixing the drastic bot problem they have in the game mode they're just going to completely get rid of the map and guess what all those Bots are going to flood either into aram or rift now and cause more problems. But besides that Twisted Treeline is an amazing and beautiful map that gives the Shadow Isles lore a real good flavor and feel I love seeing vilemaw and the isle itself. Just sad to see it go.
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