How about fleshing out a second ping wheel?

Now I'll just say this first. I thought, when I was first thinking of this idea, that it wouldn't work because the pings don't match, but they don't match in the current wheel either so it's good. This wheel can have these 4 functions: - The current "Enemy has vision" ping - A new "Please place a ward" ping. This one is pretty obvious, as if you don't have a ward but you need somewhere to be warded it would be a lot more efficient to get it warded in one click then to have to type in chat "Please put a ward in ____ bush", or using confusing pings to try to communicate it. - A new "Nevermind" ping, or something like that. This one isn't as necessary but hear me out. How many times have you pinged missing for your laner to show back up several seconds later, or pinged on your way then had a situation where you couldn't actually come? These are both situations where you'd like to be like "oh nvm" so your teammate doesn't engage a bad fight or do something at a less than ideal time. - A new "Thank you" or "Good job" ping, something positive. I know you can just say "gj" or "ty" in the chat but it's nice to be able to give some positive re-enforcement via pings, and it would be a good thing to round out this ping wheel, but if anyone can think of something more useful, which there very likely is, then please leave a comment. And even if some of these aren't necessarily "needed", it would still be nice to have. I really disagree with the idea that "you don't need chat at ALL if you have pings", which still wouldn't completely be true in my opinion, but this second wheel would almost eliminate the need for the in-game chat, allowing you to focus more on the game more often.
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