Loading Screen Mastery

I've noticed that recently (9.14?) that in loading screen, I can only see mastery points and mastery level for people who are M4+. Wish I could see everyone again. It does make a difference to know that my yasuo midlane is M-1 with 237 mastery points. OK. He has played 2 games both losses. And the enemy Qiyana is 0 mastery? Awesome, She isn't as likely to hit her R. Obviously, could always be a smurf or alt account so if she hits it first time, I will be more careful later, but in the above Qi vs Yas lane, with that information, I can figure whether the 23 cs @ 10 and 3 deaths yas is inting or whether he is just noob. Knowing he is just noob is a serious anti-tilt bit of knowledge. I used to be able to tell that without looking it up on op.gg. Now, I have to look up on op.gg if I want this information. Please RIOT, restore mastery display on load screen. Or remove it entirely. Let the enemy not be warned that I know what I am doing when they see in loading screen that I am M7 on my Lux or Thresh. Oh, and one more thing... Please restrict Ranked play until you have the required number of champs at M5 or higher and do not permit choosing champs in ranked that a player has less than M5. No skill required to get M5. Just a few games of Norms. But it means that when I queue up in ranked, I will know that my teammates will at least know what their abilities do without hover the tooltip to figure out whether they want to press Q/W/E/R each time they are trying to cast a certain ability.

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