Tanks and their classes: Vanguards and Wardens.

So a while back Riot had an article that explained their new subclasses categorization system: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses And I thought, "I'm kinda bored today, so why not figure out which of the tanks fall into which category?" Now first I want to say that a subclass is not a guideline (though I may argue it as such for when people start bringing up champions like {{champion:36}} or {{champion:245}} as "tanks"), but rather they are more like categories to compare what a champion is closest too. What I'm trying to say is that Riot may make champions of these subclasses with the intention of breaking certain rules (which actually is their intention when bringing something unique to the table) and that will bring some confusion in categorization both now and in the future. Riot says it better actually: "Nope. While it might make it easier for us to balance with tightly controlled groups, if we start shoving all champions into specific boxes, we lose out on a lot of our most iconic and beloved outliers. Additionally, as long as those champions maintain a healthy balance of clear strengths and real weaknesses, there’s no need to force the issue. In fact, if we limit ourselves to staying in pre-existing boundaries, we hamper League’s ability to grow and evolve, which isn’t something we ever want. If you agree with the above, by the way, you just validated the existence of Singed (sorry!). We see a lot of outliers break down into one of two categories: Hybrids - champions who skirt the edges between two subclasses. For example: Varus is a Marksman and Artillery Mage hybrid Kayle is a Marksman and Enchanter hybrid Trundle is a Warden and Juggernaut hybrid Distinct Playstyles - champions who have completely unique approaches to the game. For example: Fiddlesticks - hides on the edge of combat, waiting for the perfect moment to jump into a team fight. Singed - recklessly split-pushes to apply pressure on a lane, forces multiple enemies to respond, and subsequently trolls them as they struggle to chase him down." And Riot also has particular guidelines for fitting champions in subclasses that you may not necessarily agree with: "First, it's important to distinguish between a champion's current ‘most effective’ play style and their ideal one. There are a lot of champions whose thematic and/or gameplay mechanics are better suited for a specific subclass, but over the course of time drifted into a different one. For example, Evelynn's stealthy gameplay and nimble aesthetics lend themselves to her being an Assassin, even though her most effective item builds and playstyle might be more representative of a Diver. In these cases, future changes might be aimed at better aligning such champions with their intended playstyle." So a champion's subclass can change depending on how their playstyle is being effected (whether that playstyle is healthy or not is a different argument). Now onto tanks. Vanguards: "We like to refer to Vanguards as “offensive tanks.” Vanguards lead the charge for their team and are specialists at getting action started. Their explosive team fight initiation seeks to catch enemies out of position while allowing allies to follow-up to devastating effect." You know them, you love/hate them, and you're going to blame them whenever they fail to engage, make a bad engage, or not follow up on their engage and blame them for dying 1v5 even though all he needed was you to follow up. They go in and fuck shit up for the enemy team. Now my main issue with Vanguard disruption abilities is that they can also be used very defensively like Wardens. So if I had to make a spectrum of tank subclasses, the most offensive of the vanguards would be those tanks with engage that is primarily offensive. Vanguard tanks are {{champion:54}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:54}}: I don't play him much, mainly because I find him boring (I'm not going to recommend playstyle changes, I don't know enough about him to even consider it). Beyond his ult, there isn't much I see him being useful for in fights. I'm sure I'll be told otherwise, but he seems too much like a one ult wonder and it's primarily used for offense. {{champion:154}}: Flubber's slingshot is a great engage tool, and his ult is incredibly annoying (probably because it does it's job when used well) in teamfights. Hence why I consider him to be a vanguard, sling shot into lane from the darkness of the unwarded jungle and suffocate your enemies in green jello. Can it be used to peel? Yeah, but there are better peelers. {{champion:89}}: PRAISE THE SUN! The most aggressive tank support I can think of. How can anyone consider Leona to be anything else than a vanguard tank? With her Q>E combo and later with her ult, she's basically lining up the kills for her laner. Can it be used defensively? Sure, but you aren't playing Leona if you ain't going all in. {{champion:32}}: Playing Amumu is like being that lonely kid in middle school that everyone didn't like for some reason and made a conscious effort to stay away (probably because emotions can sometimes spread from one to the other. Like how laughter spreads across a crowd). His entire job is to keep on people and hug them to death. Q to go in, Ult to keep them in place, and boom! Everyone is miserable with you. His ult is best saved for engages and while his W can peel in the sense of "I'm poking you, leave." it really isn't great if people have the capacity to ignore you. {{champion:12}}: Moo motherfuckers. I don't play enough of this guy, and I really should because he's an aggressive bull. Everything is Red when you walk into lane, and you want to make it so that red person with the cape STOPS MOVING! We all know Alistair's famous headbutt to knock up combo, which is what solidifies him as a vanguard to me. But his abilities are pretty varied in usage given certain positions, so he can be played as a warden. If there was a spectrum, he'd be near the middle of Vanguard and Warden. {{champion:14}}: Sion is a bit like Alistair in that their abilities can be utilized almost equally for peel and engage. Now as a Sion main, I'm clearly not Biased at all when I say that he's more of a vanguard than Warden. Hell if there was a poster for Vanguard tanks, then a picture of Sion charging at you from a first person perspective would be the perfect image (And anything else would be the work of a COWARD!). But again, middle of the spectrum. {{champion:113}}: I almost forgot about the true queen of the Freljord! Her ult, her knock up charge, all great initiation tools. She can also peel very well, so like the last two, in the middle. Wardens: "If Vanguards are “offensive tanks,” then Wardens are surely “defensive tanks.” Wardens stand steadfast, seeking to hold the line by persistently locking down any oncomers who try to pass them. Wardens keep their allies out of harm’s way and allow them to safely deal with enemies caught in the fray." These are the tanks you stand behind, the ones who you say, "GG no peel" whenever you die from being far away from your them. Wardens are: {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:53}}: I keep forgetting that he is a tank honestly. And while his hook is a good engage tool, his ult and knock up are good peeling tools. So I guess he's more in the middle ground like the others. {{champion:201}}: STAND. BEHIND. BRAUM. Look at that big shield! That impromptu smashing board! That is built to keep you safe. Combined with his disengage ult (which can be used to engage, but again a lot of CC can be used offensively and defensively) and his ability to jump to his allies, he is the most Warden of the Wardens in my book. {{champion:3}}: What's a Galio? A fucking artillery mage/tank is what a Galio is. He is a bit of a mess, but his ult to probably the strongest peeling ultimate in the game if he can land it. He's balance is another discussion though. {{champion:57}}: Sure he has a single target snare that gets him in the thick of it. But his damage reduction ult and small knock back makes him more of a warden in my book. {{champion:111}}: Sure his ult can engage, as does his Q. But his Root passive and AoE slow feels more like a peeling tool to me. So he can be somewhere in the middle, but in my opinion he's a warden. {{champion:78}}: Riot has actually stated that they want Poppy to be more of a defensive tank, pointing out that while her initiation has gone down, it isn't a bad place for her to be. Her ult in disengage, her W is a "fuck you no sprinting!" Zone (Pool Party Poppy Lifeguard skin please?) and her stun only works with walls. I may hate Poppy support, but Wardens work best in support so it made sense that she was played in support. {{champion:223}}: GET IN MY BELLY. Nough said. {{champion:98}}: Global shield teleport ult, taunt, dodge zone. How more Warden can you get? Outliers that I have no idea about: {{champion:27}} and {{champion:72}}. Singed is...well he's a weird ass champion. And Skarner I don't know at all to really say anything. Thoughts?
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