@Riot So with all the upset about the Vayne buffs

I feel I have to say this. I understand Riot is a company. They have to make money. First priority for every company. But Riot cares about its consumers more than other companies from what I've seen. However, throwing off Solo Q just so you can toss a few "play making" champions into Worlds is a bad idea. It doesn't always make for "exciting" gameplay. Many champions like Vayne and Lee Sin have lots of outplay potential, but they're very standard in how they work to the point where it's not too exciting to see on a pro. Forcing a champion into Worlds is never a good idea. To some, it makes it more exciting to watch. More monet. Understandable. But there are others who wish to get as close to being a pro at Worlds as they can get by climbing the Ranked ladder, sometimes made more difficult than necessary by unneeded changes forced just for Worlds. One instance was Vayne. She was fairly stable and I'd have to say balanced. She's supposed to be scary late game. But other champions are left in the dust to rot at sub 50% win rates and receiving a buff would be a highlight of their life. Other champions, so long as a pro flash-E's an enemy into a wall on Vayne, will receive buffs that were uncalled for just for the sake of "playmaking." I don't mind the occasional buff here and there, but can Riot please not sacrifice Solo Queue health simply just for Worlds? There's enough shit to deal with with the toxicity, but you sometimes can't ban out everything too strong. P.S. I don't like the Vayne buffs. I play bot lane a lot. So yeah. But I'm not against putting it in, either. It's just the this was what inspired me to write this post.
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