It's 10 minutes. My top lane is 0-4-1. My bottom lane is 1-12-0. This is not okay in ranked.

When the fuck is performance going to be factored into ranked? Every single game is like this, for one team or the other, and this is not okay. EDIT: Yet another game where my entire team is feeding, yet I'm penalized as harshly as they are because I was unfortunate enough to have them on my team. EDIT: And again. **Bottom lane had 28 deaths at 34 minutes**. EDIT: And once again. Top fed so badly that I couldn't even attempt to help. Bottom would have fed, but I babysat it. EDIT: And again. Top and bottom fed the enemy team to the point Yi was just ulting and killing me under turrets. EDIT: 0-11-1 top lane, jungle is AFK at the fountain.
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