Nasus Re-imagined Ability Kit

Imagine this as a what if scenario of Nasus having a different kit, great for brain storming up new ideas! As a disclaimer I do need to add that this is in no way, shape, or form an official rework for Nasus of any kind, more of a fun thing I like to do and let's face it will help create new and fresh ideas for his eventual rework. **** > **Basic Attack Range:** 150 units > > _**NOTE: SP = Soul Power**_ > > **Soul Siphoning (Passive):** Static Cooldown: 3 seconds > Nasus' basic attack will periodically drain the soul from his target if the target dies or was a champion, granting him 1 _Soul Power_ or 5 _Soul Power_ for Takedowns. > > Whenever Nasus acquires Soul Power he heals himself for 6(+150%SP)(+20%AP) health, one-third healing against small units. > > Current Soul Power: X > > **Tight Leash (Q):** Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 seconds; Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 mana; Range: 450 units > Nasus uses the hook of his large cane to pull in the first enemy struck into attack range and then immediately basic attacks. If Soul Siphoning is available then he deals 40/50/60/70/80(+300%SP) bonus physical damage, double damage against minions. > > **Spirit Flame (W):** Cooldown: 15/13/11/9/7 seconds; Cost: 20 mana per second; Range: 300 units > Toggle: Nasus twirls his cane above him to rain down spirit flames around him, dealing 35/40/45/50/55(+100%SP)(+30%AP) magic damage per second and grounding enemies, but Nasus cannot basic attack while twirling his cane. > > Second Cast: Nasus stops twirling his cane and slams his cane down in front of him, dealing 40/55/70/85/100(+100%SP)(+65%AD) physical damage to struck enemies and granting 1 Soul Power for every enemy champion struck or unit executed. > > **Wither (E):** Cooldown: 8 seconds; Cost: 65 mana; Range: 1200 units > Nasus plants a seed at the target location that springs into a plant after 1.5 seconds, remaining in play for 5 seconds. If enemies get near this plant then it will die leaving behind corrupted pollen which ages affected targets over 3 seconds, increasingly slowing them down to 60/70/80/90/99% over the duration and half this amount as reduced attack speed. > > (The plant reveals the area around it.) > > **Fury of the Sands (R):** Cooldown: 140/110/80 seconds; Cost: 100 mana > Nasus grows in size for 12 seconds, gaining 250/300/350(+200%SP) health, reducing his base cooldowns by 55/65/75%, his mana costs by 50%, and increasing the range of his attacks and abilities by 33%. > > Additionally, Soul Siphoning's cooldown is removed and Nasus doubles his current Soul Power while empowered. ****
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