Corki is in a terrible state right now

In my past two days of league, I've seen a severe drop off in my ability to do anything mid and late game as corki. His early game has always been about the same but his inability to deal decent damage mid game is astounding. Now that the last changes to push him completely into mid lane are through, he could use a buff to improve his laning phase so he can get the items he needs too sooner. One idea would be to reduce the mana cost on his w or give it a scaling mana cost. For those who don't know, valkyrie is a 100 mana cost ability that doesn't even go that far in comparison to most movement abilities. Increasing the range on it would also be a really good buff, but as for the mana, corki's w should scale like 80/85/90/95/100 in order to give him more tools for early and mid game. Another idea is would be to have his package last an extra 30 seconds. It's really difficult to gauge when you can use his package effectively and that results in it being wasted a lot. It also doesn't really benefit corki to have his package knock people to the side. In some instances it can be helpful, but being able to package over people would make the package a lot more effective. The package now is basically a gimmicky taliyah wall used for zoning. As for a simple damage buff, I think his big red rockets could stand to do more early. Their late game damage is fine but they don't feel that impactful early. Reverting the damage nerf on just the big rockets would be a good step but not on the smaller ones. I'm not asking him to be overtuned. I know a lot of people dis like corki and I can understand that but from someone who plays him, he is simply not good right now. The meta doesn't favor him and most of the other adcs and midlaners are just better picks. I'm not asking him to be meta and picked every game I just would like to actually be able to win games.
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