Does any remember When hotfixe system actualy use to work And How it was working

Season 5 before toplane update Was by far the best time in league history in term of balance and fun, Back then if champ pass 52.25 % wr, The system would alert balance team and they adress issue if this champ and he would get hotfixe in 12 to 24 hour, That was fuckingg good way to balance game and no wonder Season 5 was the gloriest time of league. Now days i look at and i just wonder does hotfixe system actualy work anymore? Does riot actualy like care about balancing game anymore or they just Changes/buffing/nerfing with Just for sake of changing ? Do they actualy play there game ? Just honesly look at win rates of current patch, its actualy absurd at this point, {{champion:10}} been on 54 % wr globaly for 5 patchs now, {{champion:22}} 55 % wr For longer, {{champion:74}} 53.15 % for 6 patchs, {{champion:136}} 55.43 %, {{champion:90}} 54 %, ... and there's alot more which makes me wonder does hotfixe system work anymore ? What is balance for riot anymore at this point
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