As someone who never played it, was Solo Queue that good?

I started playing since season 4, my first login screen was the football world cup one. I have over 500 games on my account. Yet I never really played ranked. I always kept hearing stories on these boards about being blindly matched up with trolls, bought accounts, DCs and the overall hell that was Soloqueue if you didn't manage to carry your team. Because of this Ranked never really interested me. When Dynamic Queue came out I stopped playing Blind Pick and went with DQ Draft Pick instead so it would be easier for me and my friends to get the roles we wanted. Overall my experience in Draft Pick has been extremely positive with almost no DCs and not a single Troll, and whenever I played solo I was never really bullied or falsely reported by premades, which I hear is the biggest complaint. But its not Ranked DQ. So i want to ask you guys how bad is DQ Ranked really when it comes to these topics and how it compares to Soloqueue. Also keep in mind we have enough rage in the Boards already so keep the discussion objective, respectful and explain the why of your thoughts. SOLOQ ROX AND DQ SUX! Won't cut it. Thanks guys and see you on the Rift.

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