Gangplank is under a 50% win rate... Perhaps it's time to buff him?

As the title says... {{champion:41}} is currently sitting at a 48%-49% win rate: --- Range increased from 125 to 200 Base mana increased from 282-952 to 500-840 Q: Parrrley Mana costs decreased from 60/55/50/45/40 to 1 all ranks E: Powder Keg Mana costs added- 20 all ranks R: Cannon Barrage Damage increased from 35/60/85 to 50/75/100 --- Reasons: -By buffing {{champion:41}}'s range to 200 will allow him to be much more safer. -By buffing his base mana to 500 will allow {{champion:41}} to not go oom after using a single ability in the early game... But at however the cost of a lower mana pool late game. -By decreasing Parrrley's mana cost to only costing 1 will allow {{champion:41}} to infinitely poke enemies down and stack {{item:3070}} if he chooses... With however at the cost of a mana cost to his barrels. -After since the removal of Thunderlords, Cannon Barrage deals little to no damage, so it could use some compensation buffs to its damage.
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