Riot you have ruined AP ezreal

He is a shell of his former self, his new W is aids to use its actually stupid it does no damage untill you proc it old one was great for poking though minions in lane and actually did damage an you didnt need to put yourself in risk of E or Aa to proc it. his ablity to ambush more than 1 person is also hindered and you can no longer ace an entire time who is running into to face check baron or something. you can no longer R W 1 shot the adc from the back line unless you land the W inside of his team. you keep nerfing all his ratios and you even gutted the double tear build. nerfed his ult by increasing the CD by over 50% and hitting his E cooldown by 6 seconds at lvl 1. meanwhile everyone else mobility and cooldowns are much lower. and stuff like kai'sa can pentakill an entire team by herself. i used to 1 trick ap ez to diamond cause of his amazing team fight pressure and now he is just sit behind minions and you cant do anything. not like there are team fights anymore anyways, its all people running around till the hyper mobile assassin gets a pick on a squishy an his team gets baron an pushes down the entire base in 1 push.
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