What am i suppose to do against a Fiora ?

I've never went against a champion as unfair as Fiora is ! You win lane ? She outscale and get herself fed on your team if you are tank. You lose lane ? She goes more aggressive and destroy everyone as she get farmed/fed . You build HP to counter her % damage ? Not even an option ... she does % MAX HEALTH true damage... When you play Mundo and Fiora get picked and do 2700 true damage only by her passive.. something is getting wrong... Not only if you catch her out of position, use riposte, deny your engage or damage and just Q away because the cooldown is way to low and cost barely any mana... I don't know what to do against a Fiora. I used to main her pre rework because i loved the fact that her ult was a dance of blade . But the overpowered Fiora that we have now, give me cancer and i hate her. I would hate myself if i would ever play that overloaded champion. So now the question is : What should i do to win over her and don't get more game destroyed by her ?
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