There is something that should really be changed and i'm sure that many of us will agree

My friend and i have two completely different MMR in normal however we keeps even when we go solo playing with or against platinum and diamonds players. We have Gold - Plat level. However we don't have a diamond level. Why the hell when i go see after the games ended that our both teams were completely unfair and didn't have the same rank at all ? I mean there are some games where 2 silver 2 golds 1 diamond are facing 3 plats 1 silver and 1 diamond. Tell me why the hell do you let things be this way ? I have enough of this don't you think that the silvers and the golds won't be crushed and feed the diamonds ? People jut get mad at the game because match making has an horrible and unfair algorythm. teams are unfair and i don't know if it is because less players play the game. But i want it to be fair like it the past ! PLEASE DO SOMETHING about it, i just ask this.
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