Pyke's Bonus Health to AD Conversion (Math Included)

Conversion To AD Rate: Here's a thing for everyone to know, let's do some quick math. I made sure I didn't have anything in Resolve or any runes that would give me bonus health. I then bought Relic Shield, Relic is the best Support item for Pyke BTW. Let's see Relic Shield gives me +50 Health and at Level 1 I have 60 AD, with Relic I have 63 total AD however. So let's do a little math. (3/50=0.06, 0.06x100=6%) The conversion rate is 6% of Bonus Health becomes AD instead, I wanted to see how accurate this is so I went with a standard Support Tank build. {{item:3401}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3190}} Randium's and Spirit's are big beefy HP items that I added in, so let's see the bonus health of all these items. {{item:3401}} +350 Health {{item:3109}} +250 Health {{item:3143}} +400 Health {{item:3065}} +450 Health That all equals to 1,450 bonus HP. Now convert by 6% is 87 bonus AD, however I have +103 bonus AD, so then I decided to convert the bonus AD I currently have and go from there. I did this 103/1450=0.07103 0.07103x100=7.103, the percentage when rounded 7.1% of Bonus Health becomes AD. So then I tried it with {{item:1028}} seeing how to work that. 7.1% is our percentage now, I am getting 11 bonus AD from a 150 Health item (in case you didn't know the value.) Now 150x0.071 is equal to 10.65 AD, hmm but that's not right I have 11 bonus AD. This is where I assume that the system will round AD values up. Since 10.65 is closer to 11 it'll round it up to 11 bonus AD. Now I buy a second {{item:1028}} giving me +300 Bonus HP which to my Champion stats gives me 21 bonus AD, so 300x0.071=21.3 since we round the place this becomes a flat 21 bonus AD. There you have it with a bit of testing and math, Pyke's Health to AD Conversion Ratio is 7.1%. Also to people who think it should be 7% instead of 7.1% I did the math as well. 1,450x0.07 is 101.5 when rounded is 102 bonus AD, but that's not right since I gained 103 Bonus AD, doing 7.1% instead (1450x0.071=102.95 rounded up 103 Bonus AD). There it is Pyke's Health to AD Ratio is 7.1% of his Bonus Health! Hope you guys found this fact a little helpful regardless of how small it is. TL;DR- Pyke's Bonus Health to AD Conversion Rate is 7.1% of his bonus health. EDIT: Well Surrender@20 revealed it's 14 Bonus Health=1 AD, bummer. . .I had fun anyway. This post is irrelevant now. Move on with your day. Have a good one!
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