I have never wanted to delete LOL more than in this preseason

I've played since season 0 through all kinds of ups and downs but, these exp changes across the map are the worst thing riot has ever tried to change! The implications of giving solo lanes a net 5% exp buff over duo lanes and a net 6% exp buff over jungle (not to mention the 4% gold nerf to jungle and a gold nerf to supports) has got to be one of the worst design choices Riot has ever made. The implications of these changes are so vast and far reach that I could write a 20 page (single space 10pt font) dissertation on the subject and still not cover all of the negative impact it has on every player on the map in some way (yes even the lanes its suppose to be good for can be negatively impacted in the most unhealthy way). The best part about all of this too is that even when my team is the one winning off of these changes it no longer feels good or rewarding to win. Like oh yaaa, my team is winning lets go watch my solo laners delete the other team because they are 3 to 4 levels up on them, I'll just stand back to offer poke and moral support for them... Like seriously Riot, how do you make winning not rewarding in a PVP game? Get your shit together Riot, you have 10 years of development and design based on the old values that effect so much of the game (Champions, timing, power spikes, camp re-spawns, risk vs reward, items costs vs game clock, hell the entire lane phase can just end now at level 6 when solo laners start roaming with no threat from the level 4 jungle and even if you do run into them -good free kill with ult) it's lunacy to think that you could make this kind of change and not introduce 101 new problems.
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