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I had 98 league points and was getting ready to go into promos when i get a game, where as a team we had about 200 wins, and was placed against a team that had over 3000 wins (estimate but would be close). Yes we did loose and i lost league points for it. next game up was very close in win... I think it was about a 1000 wins difference in their favor but we still won. but was rewarded with way less league points then what I lost for the previous game!! WTF!!! i worked my ass of to get to where i am and im been kicked in the balls here!!! so i have 2 questions for you riot... what is up with the team matching system... it is very one sided alot of the time, dont care in norms as thats how you get better but in ranked that a joke... it completely throws out the balance of the game and makes them un winnable. and the 2nd question is if we loose a game that is weighted heavily against you then win one thats the same, why are you penalized for the lose when there is no way of winning games like that

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