@RIOT You cannot balance the new Aatrox for Pro Play and Solo Queue at the same time.

You can't. The reworked Aatrox is quite literally a champion designed with Pro Play in mind. Even when Aatrox is just doing 'good' in Solo Queue, you can't help but want to change him because the Pros are complaining that he is too effective in Pro Play. The crux of the issue is how his entire kit revolves around his Q. This one ability has a lot of inherent power added to it that makes it incredibly lethal in coordinated play. First and foremost, it's ranged - for a melee champion to have access to ranged damage immediately makes him a cut about the rest. This allows him to be 'safe' in the hands of a pro as well as enable him to fish for picks without the dangers inherent with the classification of a melee champion. It also enables him to take on ranged match ups with much more ease. Secondly the potential for 3 interruptions guarantees players to have to take immediate action to leave or be immediately collapsed on. It has a lot of set up potential from the rest of Aatrox's kit as well as from his teammates. Thirdly, it's AOE damage. This allows Aatrox to be a good wave clearer as well as a strong team fighter. There is no one immediate change that can remedy the fact that Aatrox is a champion designed specifically for coordinated play. If you rework the Q then you're probably going to have to rework a major portion of the rest of the kit as his power budget resides mostly in his Q. If you continue to hit and buff things without tackling the crux of the issue, all you're doing is shifting where he sits on the ladder of champions without addressing his main balancing problem. We've already been through multiple changes as well as a minor rework shifting his focus from burst/assassination to sustaining/dueling and yet, he still remains an issue. So what my question really boils down to is, do you want Aatrox to be a pro play champion only? Or do you want him to be accessible to the masses in which you say your rework was done for in the first place?
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