Stop with support fights in Nemesis Draft! IT BORING AND LAME!

Look everyone i thought nemesis draft was going to be fun, but if all were going to do is play supports vs supports. Then riot please remove the game mode, or ban all support champions. I thought it would be fun if we did things like demacia vs noxus, yordles vs non yordles, adcs vs tanks. You know? But everyone is being lame, and very unoriginal with just picking supports and the least played champs. If this is all were going to do with nemesis draft then just throw it out because its just pointless then. Come on people, don't be so bland and just think about "winning" it's supposed to be fun. And at you riot, if this continues on for the next 2 days, i say perm ban all support champs so we can get some real action. I can't believe some of you are actually liking the idea of support battles for the next week. You must have a boring life then. This is nemesis draft not support draft
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