Riot, now that Crit ADCs are back..

When are {{champion:133}} and {{champion:50}} going to receive reverts to the nerfs they got for being played in the bot lane when traditional ADCs were at their weakest? Quinn: Quinn received QoL changes/buffs in Patch 8.6 after being assessed as too weak due to multiple factors (nerfs to her standard runes and general itemization). These changes were great, as they traded upfront power for scaling power, since Riot was trying to move her away from an assassin build, and made her good but not overbearing. Swain: Swain was buffed in 8.9, giving him increased mana and mana regen, allowing him to use his abilities more before running out of mana of course. Then everything changed when the 8.11 patch attacked. Crit wasn't optimal, and standard marksmen had their base stats nerfed. Quinn doesn't need to always build Crit, and old {{item:3095}} was a good first buy on her. Swain can hold his own in the bot lane vs far weaker marksmen, so their play rates rose there. This led Riot to practically gut Swain's ultimate damage through his AP ratios, and balance Quinn (who has been a top laner since her inception) as if she were an ADC, lowering her passive damage, base armor, base AD, and AD scaling. Now if they can get some power back, like Quinn's armor and AD scaling and a higher AP ratio for Swain they'd be decent champions again. Fun fact: If {{champion:133}} is changed in Patch 9.6, this will be the 5th consecutive year she was changed on a .6 patch.

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