Tank Metas

Tank and CC metas ruin league. In general, these champs take less mechanics, decision making, and over all game knowledge than their squishier counterparts. We're in a meta where tanks 3 hit carries, and we find it harder and harder to peel tanks, meanwhile they can perma CC carries and make them irrelevant. You can have 4 tanks and 1 carry and they will win because no one will ever be able to touch that carry since the enemies will all be perma CCd. However, if you have 4 extremely fed carries and 1 tank, you just wont have enough CC to win, and your damage won't matter because the tanks will scale to have plenty of damage to kill CCd squishies. TLDR; tanks are just better than carries because they have CC, durability, AND damage. This is the worst meta in the history of LoL and this crap is absolutely unplayable.
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