Scarra's thoughts about the game right now.

He said the same shit I've been saying for months. Game is not fun. It has been dumbed down for casuals. I see that because I play flex, game's too trash for me to play coin flip solo q... and in flex there are times where I lose to fuckin' golds and plats just because they picked a better champ and killed me in half a second. Like scarra said too, people are toxic this season more, but that's normal when the game is PURE COIN FLIP. Yeah yeah, "it's a team game", but if you're not rank 1 material, you literally rely on playing thousands of games just to get the out of your elo, because you cannot carry a 2/20 bot lane, or a 0/10 top lane, because the game is basically a 3v5/4v5 and no matter how well you play, you just lose. There's no strategy in teamfights, it's just who was a better dumbass and got caught in one CC and died in half a second. Streamers quitting the game, most of the hating on the game, etc... and then you see shit like riot buffing lee sin's dmg before the worlds AGAIN. They have no shame, and it looks like they don't care at all. Season 8 is by far the worst for riot and they act like nothing bad is happening. I don't get it.
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