Pyke has become one of the most boring champions I have ever seen in League of legends.

Nothing can compare to the sheer amount of how singlehandedly boring this champion can get of how many times I have seen it and he has the same build every time. This champion has been like "high skill play get gold through kills" has actually turned to yea get kills through ult and get super amount of gold and be praised by it. I think what Riot has done is to nerf his heath scaling and escape factor and make it lethality dependent on everything. On movespeed His W's movespeed has become lethality dependent instead of regular move speed. He can get super or hyper fast the more he builds lethality and AD. On top of that he can be just a hyper slippery champion more than fizz and added CC. Not a single champion can catch him on the fray when his hook takes a champion in and cast the large amount of gold for the fed player. I think one of his biggest flaws is his ultimate can be super hard to avoid unless every players on the enemy knows what they're doing. His ult gives out the amount of gold for the kill and give him the appreciation of the kill as well as conserving more gold for the enemy team. On average without avoiding the ult altogether he can get about 1-2 kills. Not that much but on that amount of cooldown the gold advantage is staggering. Also I would say Pyke is also building missing health based on AD and not just on Health. I really liked the health sustain before it became the AD sustain that it is and all based on levels. I even built a Frozen Mallet counterpart and it was very cool in that it isn't overpowered necessarily but it can lead a reasonable advantage to the person holding the champion. I kinda love this champion before the lethality-ad pigeon-hole. Even I play ARAM and I think I am starting to really hate Pyke not just because of how escapeable he is or how much damage can he deal in his ult before he kills you. No, it's just that his build can never have an alternative route for him to actually be as good as the lethality build that we see on every game nowadays. I really think Pyke should have nerfs dedicated for him not to be so lethality dependent as a support and make it more crucial for him to become more viable in certain aspects of his kit without it being too broken. I really hate this champion to the core now, just second from Poppy, and that is saying a lot. {{champion:555}} EDIT1: 1 K views and now it's getting to the front page of the boards! Thank you all for getting the attention it deserves! :} EDIT2: 2.5 K views and 6 upvotes. {{champion:163}}
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