I'm glad this game still has ways for players to grief.

Literally just got out of a game where our Janna was walking bot lane to AFK. Another game our Garen was losing lane, BEGGING ENTIRE game for ganks. Constantly runs in 1v5. Someone could be blatantly running a BOT program, hit level 30 and no one could tell a difference from someone trolling and someone botting it up. We still can't early surrender at 15 minutes, because of . . you guessed it. Griefing. 26 minute game, that Janna was 0/4/1. No way to prove that he was doing this. He can get reported, sure. But this guy barely plays... last game was 15 days ago. A temp ban would do absolutely nothing, log in, stop playing and do it again next week. If it was a normal game, sure who cares. But a ranked game, in gold.. on the weekend.. This brings up like 3 really big things about league... Griefers have more power in this game, than any other game. (9 players hostage for 20 minutes guaranteed) Ranked is literally a gamemode to troll in, you gain absolutely nothing from it except a border and stress. A game mode where people are supposed to try hard.. no one tries. No one is compensated for these griefers either. It's just another match, whatever right? I'm so tired that there is no way for me to have a premade of 5 players gain anything. **Flex mode is a troll mode.**
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