Bronze player who needs help

Hey guys, I just had a game with {{champion:39}} in ranked, our botlane consisted of a {{champion:115}} and a{{champion:26}}. Our {{champion:26}} got the first blood on their adc, I thought this was really good for our team. But {{champion:115}} got very mad at the "kill steal" and typed in kys a couple times, then after nobody gave him attention he came to my lane, stole a cannon minion with his ult then flash inted into my enemy midlaner, then he ran it down top,came back bot to run it down, and followed our jgler stealing his farm, and ulting and flashing for no reason for the reminder of the game. Now,I got pretty fed as {{champion:39}} and our toplane {{champion:67}} was fed aswell so as 2 fed hypercarrys I thought this was winnable. But I couldn't seem to get turrets, objectives, etc, just kills so we lost. So high elo players, how did you win in situations like these? whats the best way to snowball a lead? how do you secure a win? how do you end a game? how do I stop getting caught? In otherwords, my main champs are very strong when they have a lead ({{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:121}}) when I get that lead, how do I utilize it the absolute best to give my teams better chances of winning? instead of getting caught,losing baron, throwing etc.
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