irelia honestly shouldn't be allowed to build Sterek's Gage

So instead of having an ult that is a fight-or-die ability, she gets a free buff to walkaway just from building this stupid item. When you look at Neeko, you have to play smart in order to get behind enemy lines to ult, or if you miss a beat... that's it, dead. No redo, no escape. Yea she can turn invisible to "escape", but tell every Zed/Yasuo/Katarina in the game that. Irelia is the complete opposite. She can engage and literally walk away even when she fucks up. It's a croc. All you have to do is let sterek's proc then stun the entire enemy team to walk away. I'm so over this champion not having any balance, even after being nerfed. I loved her VGU But her ingame kit is fucking bs.

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