Could we rework Kalista's side step passive to an active ability?

I've been kinda wanting to get back into Kalista again ever since just leaving her at lvl 7 a while back and playing her just feels not intuitive and not as fun due to the meta changes and patches. If Kalista ever gets looked at again, say a small rework like with Malphite and Wukong, could we look at reworking her passive to an active ability, similar to Tristana's Q? Say swapping it out with the W sentinel? I know this might be controversial to Kalista mains, but if we add an actual passive that actually involves the partner other than the W passive and Ult, it could be healthier to her kit, and we might see her back up the top in a healthier way. This is just a suggestion though so I'm happy to see any ideas as well.
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