Fix the Biggest Probems In League of Legends

1) Riot need to get DuoQ out. Only have SoleQ ranked and Flex Ranked and this move would make Flex ranked really Clash mode where whole teams can clash in ranked games . Flex Ranked would be where Teams are formed into clash Teams and train. Also This would stop all higher Elo lol players from carrying none skilled friends up the ranks in SoloQ and ruin games. 2)Add Voice Chat to Ranked Games only with a mute Option in game under Tab to each player on team. This will improve games and players working together as a team 3) Other Options would help with smurfing players would be: Players wanting to play a champ in rank would need 7th lvl mastery on all champs being played in ranked games. Swapping would be allowed in champ select only if player playing champ has a 7th lvl Mastery on champ. 4) Get autofill out and rather wait longer then be autofilled. YES PLEASE... Many would agree on this because gameplay would be way more competitive as players have their role.
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