Conqueror is busted

So the old conqueror was already pretty op , but this one is just too much , so you basicly have a rune that does more dmg than PressTheAttack(in true dmg of course + plus you gain adaptive force so ur abilities do more dmg) , can equal the fleet footwork healing , no outheal fleet footwork , and it can be used on any damaging champion aside from assasins, not realy balanced i would say, like whats the point of having a rune that is just 10 times better than any other Precision runes or almost any other rune in the game. This might only be me but i think this rune is gamebreaking, it need a nerf asap. Now that i think about a lot of assasins can use and be pretty good. At first i thought it was only dmg so i was fine with it , but then i realized it heal you for 10% of your dmg dealt which is pretty huge since you can add up ravenous hunter, revitalize or bloodline, the heal is just a too much, remove the heal and it can maybe be healthy not a pro on game balancing but without the heal its already way more balanced. sorry for any grammar or vocabulary errors , english isn't my first language
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