Evelynn Needs a Buff.

went in on a 20% hp zed at level 6, he was level 7, landed my charm, Got the Q e q q R combo off, and it was Completely absorbed by Nullifying Orb/hexdrinker. Or I'll try and go in on a Thresh, and not only do I have to deal with Nullifying orb, but Aftershock as well! my level 6 is supposed to be a Power house, I'm no where near as effective as {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:154}} the Length of time to Get a wind up, against this entire line up of competitive junglers is so dismal that they have usually snowballed the Game so hard for all the lanes that by the time I hit 6 and can start being Impactful the games already on the way to being over, Because they can destabilize bot they secure the Dragons, I've now gotten so Good at Stealing Dragon, or solo farming him before the enemy Jungler is ready for it, that it's ridiculous. AT MOST I can do 20-50% of a persons Hp, even when I have a level advantage, until I've built 4 items, then I start being a threat! I used to be able to stay a little relevant and be annoying for awhile, but with the Recent buffs to almost all my competition, and the adcs I'm not nearly the threat I should be until about 25 minutes into the game, by then they have gotten about 4 dragons and if their any good a baron. and saying oh well she has invis, These days people move to fricken Fast, with so many Dives, Pretty much everyone is invis these days. I either want my Physical Build back, or an actual Execute like pyke attached if they are bellow 10%hp! or something. I'm designed to Work with my Team, but You try Working in a team fight trying to peg down {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} in a team fight, they see the charm and start backing out so hard as I go in, that I'm usually dead before I can get close enough to cast Q! at least Old eve, could Engage and attack Caitlyn, and maybe even run her down Good luck doing that now Between {{item:3147}} the new runes, and {{item:3153}} It's not happening. pretty much the ONLY thing I can take down in a team fight these days is Teemo, or heavy AP champions. I used to be able to Kill {{champion:101}} Definitely not happening anymore between all the barrios/runes he has until very late in the game. pretty much all I do these days is Soften em up for the adc to Murder/run over after they Blow abilities on me, but since so many people have a point click stun (even if it's skill shot the arrow kind of tells em where to fire) I mean what chance do you really have ? these champions now clear/run so fast that I can usually get chased off both skuttles, the best Eve players in the world don't even bother with skuttle anymore, and rely on their Team to help with Objectives meanwhile I just watched a Kayle solo A dragon and walk away at full healthy, I can't do that until like 30 minutes in, and by then it's usually elder, and he kicks my ass too. but when you Time the amount of time, and effort it takes for The enemy Junglers to Solo Jg objectives like dragon, or how unhealthy doing it makes them with eve It's a total shit show! Especially in low Ello when half the game is soloing dragon yourself because you can't get Botlane to come help you, even if you successfully Kill their laners because the Turret gold is so important to get now! My lane pushing/Tower pushing is SO low I can't even Take advantage of this new turret gold unless I get the rift herald! meanwhile almost every other jungler in the Game is Melee and gets Rewarded For ganking lanes, which they do easier so they get a massive Gold lead! I mean how am I supposed to Early game compete or mid game compete when they Can get the skuttles and the turret golds faster then I can even keep up because they also have run speed buttons out the yinyang Do you have ANY idea how frusterating it is, to try and Get a kill off, when Jg {{champion:10}} ADC {{champion:44}} support {{champion:37}} and top lane {{champion:98}} and Midlane {{champion:127}} are all running around in one game ? You FUcking Try it! your legit so Worthless, that the best impact you can have is sneaking around stealing your enemy Junglers camps and hope he doesn't get pinks. and Top laner Bruisers Getting Nullifying ORb, first building {{item:3091}} is legit a nightmare.
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