I think Ravenous Hunter needs a nerf or rework and here is why

1. It is essentially "free spellvamp" - doesn't occupy an item slot like {{item:3146}} does, and in the worst of cases, champions that pick it can just pick Domination as a secondary rune path. Due to the nature of sustain, it makes it the perfect choice for many champions. 2. It can be combined with Taste of Blood to give even more sustain for champs that pick it. Since both runes are in Domination and in separate rune flows, any champ that wants sustain and isn't an ADC that doesn't rely on on-hit effects can pick this for extra sustain. 3. It is the only Hunter rune that is not situtional: -- Ingenious Hunter requires you to have a super high reliance on active items for it to be useful; this means the only real users of this would be champions that pick Glacial Augment, or some enchanter supports that buy tons of active items. -- Ultimate Hunter requires you to be a champion that is higly reliant on their ultimate and as such, want them to have as low of a cooldown as possible. Examples of such champs would be Malzahar and Malphite. And even then, Ravenous Hunter isn't an outright inferior choice compared to Ultimate Hunter on them. -- Relentless Hunter is good for roaming, and isn't situtional since every champ can equally make use of it, but for the most part is outclassed by Ravenous Hunter, as sustain >>> movement speed out of combat. 4. Ravenous Hunter influences the balance issues on many champions. Why I am saying that? Well, would Ryze {{champion:13}} still be nerfed if he couldn't pick Ravenous Hunter and have essentially free sustain late game? What about Kassadin {{champion:38}}? Would Zed {{champion:238}} and Katarina {{champion:55}} have such high winrates (according to u.gg) if they couldn't pick Ravenous Hunter and sustain themselves during lane phase? (for Katarina it is even worse since she can combine it with Hextech Gunblade for high amounts of healing) Also, Ravenous Hunter is part of the reason why Aatrox {{champion:266}} heals so much and it feels like Grievous Wounds isn't very useful against him. 5. It also limits the rune choices of many champions. For example, regarding some of the aforementioned examples: Ryze {{champion:13}} would love to be able to pick Precision secondary, for Presence of Mind and Coup de Grace. Combined with Manaflow Band, this would give him even more mana (and damage!). Same thing applies to Kassadin {{champion:38}} except that he would pick Manaflow Band as a secondary rune. Unfortunately Ravenous Hunter is too good to pass up on them, so neither of them picks any other possible alternative runes. Zed {{champion:238}} would love to make use of Ultimate Hunter since he is reliant on his ultimate, or Relentless Hunter so that he could have better roams. Unfortunately, Ravenous Hunter is required to shrug off harass from mages, so he doesn't pick Ultimate or Relentless Hunter.
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