PSA to midlaners

I as a jungler don't ask you to help me if you don't want to. I'll ask you once and if you say "no" for whatever reason, it's all ok, we're cool. But I do want to ask you something else, if I am getting invaded by the enemy jungler along their mid laner constantly and you have a free lane, please, for the holy name of Ahri, at least have more farm than the enemy mid laner, and preferable, don't be the one to lose the 1st tower while enemy tower still have 5 plates, ok? It's ok if you don't help, we all have moments where we just can't help help, it's guccy, no worries, but at least be useful. If the enemy mid laner is mostly out lane, when I press tab, I don't want to see him having more farm than you, I want to see his tower fall either first, or at least you having more tower plates than him, not him taking your tower as first tower to fall and his tower being at 5 plates. It's ok if you don't want to help, I'm saying this so much because I want you to understand, it's ok, it's not the correct thing to do, but it's ok, we junglers can understand and are used to it, but what we want you to do is at least push that mid tower if you don't help us.
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