Leavers and DCers make Silver elo the hardest to climb.

"Back when I was silver" since I'm a pro now XD XD XD. No but honestly. For those people in silver I feel your pain. Silver is by far the hardest elo, not because of player skill, but more to the fact that it's the elo where the least competitive/quitters and most disconnects happen. I think riot should really do SOMETHING about disconnecting in league. Like I get that they can't refund everyone's LP because people would abuse it, but maybe they should add a system that stacks disconnect matches pre-10-15 mins. Like after every 10 games where you've had a DC'd team mate before 10-15 minutes. You get one of the games refunded. Something to help with silver elo. Cause it's ridiculous down there. __ See here, a video from back when I was climbing silver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wV5nsjhn9s All the disconnects in this video happen within 5 games of each other. Two of the games where the disconnects happened, happened immediately after. Literally two games in a row where I had no impact on the outcome of the game. Edit: title typo

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