Rengar changes bugs and feedback thread.

Hi friends, As you may have noticed, everyone's favorite knifecat has a substantial set of changes coming for him in 8.4. This is a thread to post your feedback on said changes, and also report any nasty bugs you might be running into. If you're curious about WHY we made these changes, [here's a link to the PBE thread where we list out our reasoning ]( I guarantee we didn't get him exactly right in terms of tuning with this patch, so we'll be keeping our eyes on him through 8.6 and make improvements/buffs/nerfs/fixes where necessary. Tell us what you think! Thanks for the feedback <3 I'll list any changes we're planning/validating for the next patch below: > -Fixing a bug where at high attack speed values Rengar gets a free attack after leaping > -Looking into reports of bonetooth VO spam while casting abilities. > -More to come... {{champion:107}} TONIGHT WE HUNT! {{champion:107}}
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