@Meddler Heimerdinger in Pre-season!

Hello. We spoke briefly at LeagueFest, and I couldn't think of any questions apart from "what do you think of Teemo?". xP Hope you've been well since then! I've thought of a (hopefully) more interesting question. :P -> Are you going to take advantage of the Aegis changes to take a look at Heimerdinger? I don't think he's in a bad place per se, just in need of a few quality of life changes. Reading about the Aegis stuff reminded me of {{champion:74}} because {{item:3060}} is a fairly popular choice amongst a certain amount of Heimer players and streamers. So.. since Banner of Command is integral to Pusherdinger (turrets + banner + zz'rot top for example), it seems (from the outside) like a good time to solidify Heimer's strategic identity.. because this change will affect him regardless. :P --- A couple of thoughts: *** Any possibility of adding visibility to his passive? ** Even if its just as simple as adding one of his stored turret indicators to allies under the influence of his aura. Ally appreciability of his passive is practically non-existent. To be honest it could actually be pretty broken numbers wise, but we can't really tell.. the effect is invisible and has been for a long time. *** Is a split-push play style something you want to continue supporting?** I know ranged champions in top lane can be a contentious issue (to be honest I don't know why top lane Quinn fell out of favour), and Pusherdinger can be particularly annoying to face. I also know that for some players, split-push Heimerdinger is their preferred play style. I guess it partly comes down to the perceived future of split-pushing in League. Yorick's been Riot's most recent exploration in that territory; as I understand it the feeling is that to be able to split-push effectively you have to make a choice and give something up for that to happen (i.e. you give up The Maiden's teamfight threat when you send her down a lane). With Heimerdinger that's not really there to the same extent. He can easily move to another lane and set up his turrets there. {{item:3060}} and {{item:3512}} allow him to make up for his shortcomings. So he can protect lane turrets and prevent enemies from pushing, whilst at the same time moving inexorably towards their base. *** What about strengthening his identity as an anti-siege champion? ** I wasn't playing League for Heimerdinger's release or rework, so I don't know what the rationale for his passive was. My assumption (pls correct if wrong) is that it was placed there to keep both Heimerdinger's turrets and his whole team in lane longer - aka to combat enemy sieging. {{champion:115}} had some nice tweaks in mid-season. ahh.. I still love the turret execute. <3 Anyway. Ziggs' changes reinforced his artillery and structure dismantling / deconstructing / demolishing theme. :D Yes. I am going to suggest turret healing. I am that guy. :P Okay, so this is just a small suggestion. Being able to execute turrets was ruled out a while back, just as Turret healing was. It doesn't need to be repairing Turrets to max health. At max W, Ziggs can execute towers that are at **35% health or below**. Why not go the other way with Heimerdinger and allow his aura to repair towers up to 35%? Obviously this would be accompanied with power changes in his kit. Peoples, please remember this is just a suggestion and I'm not asking for it to be put into the game immediately. xP *** Tweaking stun grenade's speed and hitbox? ** ~~Possibly bringing it closer to Nami's bubble? ~~ Okay I thought about this one, and making the stun easier to hit would need to be accompanied by an overall reduction in damage.. or else Heimerdinger would just be broken. xP --- I'm not advocating Pusherdinger over Turtledinger (or vice versa), just interested to see if some improvements can be made either way. :> I hope that's all understandable.. it's 02:40 and I'm half asleep. :P If it's not, I'll clean the post up later! _P.S. Heimerdinger mains... what are your favourite builds / play-styles / lanes? Are you worried about Banner changes? Couldn't care less? Comment if you like. :D_
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