Fighter Item Concept: Willowhew

(Image is an axe) **Willowhew** - Cost: 2800 Gold - Recipe: Jaurim's Fist + Serrated Dirk + 500 Gold - 40 Attack Damage - 350 Health - 10 Lethality - UNIQUE Active - Chop: Deal (30% Attack Damage) physical damage to a target enemy champion or Tower and mark the side from which you used this effect (6 seconds cooldown) (450 range) (sides are always 50/50 like so Ø). Using Chop on the same target again from the same side deals double damage and refunds 50% cooldown. Using it a third time on the same target deals a bonus 10% max Health damage and sets Chop on a 60 second cooldown. Willowhew would be a cheap HP/AD Fighter item bought for its stats and extra pushing power. You need to fight the same enemy for 9 seconds to get the third Chop, so it's best in long, drawn-out duels, repeated trades, and against really beefy Tanks. As such, it's best bought on split-pushers. You can also one-two-one Chop enemies to avoid the 60 second cooldown if you want to save the third Chop for a special occasion or just want to poke with it. The short cast range should prevent range abuse.

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